Once a year, every year, there comes a very special day. It's the day that we finally acknowledge all the life experience that an individual has gained over the past 364 days of their existence. Until then, nothing you've learned counts. You aren't any older. Or, so the law says. Makes perfect sense, right? Oh well.

Today, the nineteenth day of the fourth month, is my day.

I've been told I was a good writer for quite a few of these years I've been around. For whatever reason, though, I've never liked it. Maybe because I can't write quickly by hand. Or, maybe it's because I always feel like it's too easy to criticize my own work. The few times in the past I wrote short stories, I could tell exactly where they had come from, picing apart every concept and character for some other source I'd drawn it from. When I'd write poetry, which was far more common, I'd always look at it again later, and realize it didn't seem nearly as clever as I'd thought. So, today, I'm mixing traditions, and picking something to be thankful for on my birthday.

This site made me enjoy writing again. I've probably written more stories since joining the SOG wiki than I had written any time in the three years previous. They may not be my longest pieces, but they are honestly the ones that I feel most proud of to date. For one thing, the main inspiration for these stories has been my own life experiences, and the games that I've played and loved. For another, my writing for this wiki has given me a place to write with more purpose than just telling a story. I've had a different goal with each of the tales I've told, and by and large I feel that each time it's been one that I've managed to achieve. Most importantly, others seem to enjoy them, which is always very gratifying. It's like a present to myself.

So, happy birthday to me!

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