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    Porygon is gone, I think. So there is that. either that or it has been inactive. with that out of the way...

    Alright, I need a bit of insight. Now, let's get this out of the way; I love Gravity Falls. The surprisingly deep, intertwined plots that have small details that end up revealing big secrets... you should check it out. Alright, now that that is out of the way, it has inspired me to begin analyzing things to a much deeper scale. This was mostly useless, that is until last week I noticed something. There was runic writing in the far backs of rooms, right between the closets and the walls. The letters were scratched in there, and occasionally had a letter next to it. Sadly, there wasn't any existing runic writing format that was even cl…

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    It gets worse

    March 28, 2014 by Killerdoll.exe

    So, you already (hopefully) know about that porygon I was talking about.

    it gets worse.

    Breeding has seriously F***ed itself up as well. I put a braviary in to breed at the daycare, and recieved a CLEFFA egg... which somehow split..... Dear god, what is happening?

    I had bred a few of my better pokemon to help one of my friends who need help building a team that suits them, and about 4 of the 6 eggs I sent, were just about all... I cant remember wether it was ralts, or possibly rufflet. I believe most of them were rufflet. But, that porygon (i set it in its own box in case something else spontaniously appeared) shifted a space since my last time looking at the box.

    What is happening?

    This has gone on for almost two months now. I'm starting to ge…

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    March 25, 2014 by Killerdoll.exe

    So, as awkwarad as this is for a start.... On pokemon x today, ive been evolving pokemon as to try and fill out the dex. a couple days back, i recieved an italian porygon off the gts, although this was a while back. Now, today I noticed there was a second porygon below it. it was level 8, and has... ALMOST the same exact moveset. My gts porygon has (in this order) conversion 2, tackle, conversion and sharpen, although the level 8 one, which is appearently from the U.S., instead has psybeam instead of sharpen.

    I cant quite remember if i said this, but it JUST APPEARED. today, to be exact. the lvl 8 one has a serious nature,  and a pentagonal mark. the italian porygon has the hardy nature. I'm not scared, but more... like im being observed or…

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