So, you already (hopefully) know about that porygon I was talking about.

it gets worse.

Breeding has seriously F***ed itself up as well. I put a braviary in to breed at the daycare, and recieved a CLEFFA egg... which somehow split..... Dear god, what is happening?

I had bred a few of my better pokemon to help one of my friends who need help building a team that suits them, and about 4 of the 6 eggs I sent, were just about all... I cant remember wether it was ralts, or possibly rufflet. I believe most of them were rufflet. But, that porygon (i set it in its own box in case something else spontaniously appeared) shifted a space since my last time looking at the box.

What is happening?

This has gone on for almost two months now. I'm starting to get worried.

Hope for details

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