So, as awkwarad as this is for a start.... On pokemon x today, ive been evolving pokemon as to try and fill out the dex. a couple days back, i recieved an italian porygon off the gts, although this was a while back. Now, today I noticed there was a second porygon below it. it was level 8, and has... ALMOST the same exact moveset. My gts porygon has (in this order) conversion 2, tackle, conversion and sharpen, although the level 8 one, which is appearently from the U.S., instead has psybeam instead of sharpen.

I cant quite remember if i said this, but it JUST APPEARED. today, to be exact. the lvl 8 one has a serious nature,  and a pentagonal mark. the italian porygon has the hardy nature. I'm not scared, but more... like im being observed or something. not only that, but the weather is completely insane. snow for about a minuete or so, then light. Oddly enough, every time it snows, it gets darker. its sunny now, but i can garuntee mid-day darkness in about 2 minuets. this weather os seriously reminding me of silent hill.

If anything happens, more tomarrow.

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