Porygon is gone, I think. So there is that. either that or it has been inactive. with that out of the way...

Alright, I need a bit of insight. Now, let's get this out of the way; I love Gravity Falls. The surprisingly deep, intertwined plots that have small details that end up revealing big secrets... you should check it out. Alright, now that that is out of the way, it has inspired me to begin analyzing things to a much deeper scale. This was mostly useless, that is until last week I noticed something. There was runic writing in the far backs of rooms, right between the closets and the walls. The letters were scratched in there, and occasionally had a letter next to it. Sadly, there wasn't any existing runic writing format that was even close to this one; it had a lot to do with spirals and odd shapes. Only twice did I find letters that weren't closed shapes... they were just lines. The big problem with this is that some places my friends (who couldn't copy these things down accurately to save their lives) found these runes weren't accessible to my usual schedule... So I dug deeper. You see, being a freshman isn't that bad. People used to look down on me (just a bit), but find themselves surprisingly gravitated to me. This made me capable of... "Visiting" after school clubs. In other words, it gave me reason to snoop about. I managed to put together a cipher from the runes with words by them, and had begun to copy down the other numbers based on the buildings layout. D pod level 1, then 2. Then I move to C pod, 1 then two then three. This continues up until A-3, with the Z pod being immediately after. Needless to say, there was next to nothing to be found, other than the two runes that I found. In the order I arranged, they are S and O. If anyone has an Idea of what I may have found, PM me... My teacher gave me some random paper with a whole bunch of gibberish, and I need a little help. Will update at a later date, but the look on his face told me to hold on to this, as he is rarely THIS serious.

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