For a number of reasons, no more creepypastas untill the following is fixed:

1: Ideas. I have always wanted to do a homestuck pasta, but i have never understood how i will "Execute" It (PUN MISSLES, AWAY!). Homestuck already has a ton of violence and gore. (Remember [s] GAME OVER? Yeah.) Im not going to delve into NSFW. Ever. At all. So untill i can figure out how to execute a homestuck pasta (This is SOG, not wattpad. We Have Standards*)

2: THIS ANNOYING PROBLEM I HAVE WITH THE VISUAL EDITORRRRRRR D:<. Paradon the caps, but this really pisses me off. I mean really, pisses me off. Basicly, whenever i indent, it creates another indent. Like so.

(Basicly, it creates another indent, to create another paragraph) No, i didnt do that empty line. Hell, i cant even click it to fill the line with shit. Its god-awful, and you can see how Problematic this is. Finally, number 3.

3: Last, but not least. Im waiting for GOOD creepypastas to make a return. I have seen a few good gems. However, i dont see a majority of good creepypastas anymore. When i was 5-4, I stumbled across jeff the killer.

I could not sleep for days.

Then i came across sonic.exe.


Then i found eyeless-

You get the idea.

Now when i look back at them, i realise how much of a scaredy-cat i was.

Hell, i was afraid of ghosts.

Now i just roll along with it.

This is why i will not be writing creepypastas.

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