• LienDaAipta

    The Dark Side

    August 17, 2014 by LienDaAipta

             He sat in a the sofa with a pen in his hand, and a paper in the table. Tears spread in his eyes as he had a bag in his back carrying nothing but food, clothes, and 100 dollars cash he earn from his job as a paperboy over the years. After a few minutes calming himself down, he got started with his writing.

    Dear Lindsay

               ​If you're reading this letter it means that the police are looking for me, and I'm hoping my mother gave you this letter. There is a reason why I left my home,and after reading this letter you will know why i had to leave. You see since i was a kid even before i met you I always have this side in which I been trying to keep inside over the years. As I keep trying to seal this other side of me over the years…

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