3:06 PM, Hallow’s Eve, October 31st, Thursday, 2034

            The President of the United States sat at his desk, staring intently at a transmission his cabinet had presented to him.

            Russia, now known as the Communist Republic of Russia, had sent a message to the United States after decades of political tension between the two of them. The Cold War, the Arms Race, all of it led up to this one boiling point. The President knew it, his cabinet knew it, and that damned Yagory Ichtetstov--the pig-fucker dictator of Russia--knew it. The people of the United States awaited with bated breath for the President’s response. By God, he was going to give them one.

            He kept rereading the message over and over. He knew most all of the words by heart now. Sweat dripped from his brow and forehead. It had all come to this.


Dearest America,
We are writing this to inform you that we have primed more than forty experimental uranium powered nuclear rockets. Within the week, they will all be pointed at you unless you give in to our demands.

The Communist Republic of Russia


            The President had a bare-bones version of it that outlined the demands of the country  clearly and cut all the political shit. It was ludicrous what they wanted. Absurd to even think about.

            “President… it’s been four days since we’ve received the message. We need to act now.” A cabinet member told him. The President nodded solemnly, and gave a subtle hand gesture. Two fingers in the air--his thumb and index--the rest down. The cabinet knew what this meant. They had been prepared for this very moment. They all started to shake violently. “Bu--but Mr. President--” The cabinet member from before stammered, but the President wouldn’t have any of it.

            With another hand gesture, all of the cabinet members left the room to their posts. If that damn Russia wanted an answer, they had one. They were going to have one hell of an answer on their hands.


4:17 PM, Hallow’s Eve, October 31st, Thursday, 2034

            Yagory Ichtetstov was also seated in a desk when America’s answer had gone through. He looked at the message with relaxed eyes, but they automatically widened as soon as he read the contents.


Suck it.
United States of America


            Well, it didn’t exactly say that, but Yagory knew exactly what the words on the screen meant. He read it carefully and then began to panic. He gave a mass order to the agents at the Republic’s Country Office to fire the missiles. They all heeded without any sort of hesitation.

            All Hallow’s End has begun. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Everything is over.

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