Alright, I am bringing up the topic again, as to, wondering if we should disable the anon edits.

Now, doing this requires Wikia's help, and one of the requirements to even send the message that we request it is that we all as a wiki agree on. 

My possible reasons that we should:

  1. It destroyes part of our vandalism problems. Yes, people who try to vandalize will make an account, but most of the time, it's really easier to vandalize and not to be identified by just using the anon account. Disabling anon edits would probably cut down around 40% of the vandalism around here.
  2. It's easier to identify people. When people make anon edits, we can't really see who they are, username wise. Say, if I logged out of my account and made a comment on this post, no one would know. As opposed to me, logging in to my account, and making a comment, it'd be easier to see it was me who made the comment.

Again, you guys decide on it, you can use my template for voting. (add ({ {) then put either support, neutral, oppose, then (} }) no spaces, then when done doing that part, put your reason below.)


Neutral Neutral -

I dunno why I can't pick.

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