Alright, people of SOG, this is getting out of hand. This spammer has made us into a fucking mess. It's time we take a break from that and get back to business. We all are at each other's throats and that's not us. We are calm, civil people. I think we are not that far off of being as crazy as the CP wiki. So, I make a pact. No one mentions the spammer. We all don't need this, cause when we bring it up, it'll cause problems. Now, one of our Bureaucrats just up and left us because of the negative attention he was getting, whether or not it was needed, it's unacceptable. We keep blaming everyone else except our ownselves so I ask you all, can we be friends again? We aren't people to drive others away just because of a mistake. Can we get back to business and make CP's again? I know we all can.

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