I found out a way to give NUA tags to people. Now the way to do this requires coding experience. Unfortunately, I know the admins wouldn't like me spitting code at them. Especially wrong pieces since Wikia hates spaces. Now this doesn't limit me to changing other people's tags. With this code, I can give tags, change the names of tag, combine tags, all that stuff. Now I thought, I could give the Crats a tag like, "Team SOG Wiki-Crat" since SOG admin doesn't give you. Of course, along with this, tags will be given to people whether or not you like it. Tags like Auto Confirmed User, and more. 

There is one problem I have.

It requires an admin.

Admins, I am sorry, but you guys don't know how to code very well. This code requires precise know-how to do. If you guys try this, two things go down if you mess up. 

  1. Nothing happens. The code itself won't work.
  2. That code messes up the other pieces of code, it all breaks down, causing the wiki to malfuntion, making a lot of stuff here not work.

However, I work on code. Not much, mind you, but I made it work on my wiki. That says something.

So I have a plan, I can do the code, if you guys temp-promote me. This would not last. Just long enough where I get the code working. Now before anyone does anything, talk it over in the comments, I want confirmation on this. 

Thanks as always,

Bow Down to your Master! 00:48, July 31, 2014 (UTC)

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