Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I am really bored on the wiki reviewing pastas. I have gotten so bored that I am starting to do song reviews! Here are some of the rules to it though.

  • No metal or bad songs. Like rick roll. I will review dub step songs.
  • Please no really, how do I say this, dark songs. Some like green day songs are okay. Other dark ones is bad.
  • You can summit your songs. Covers by you are okay but other peoples are not. 
  • Please summit it in the comments or put it the down below.
  • No arguing with the score. All decisions are final. If you argue, you will not ever get a song reviewed again.
  • I will post your songs score in the comments. Look for them!
  • PLEASE NO BEAT SONGS! Songs with just beat are not good. Not from me.
  • No lists. It wastes a 30 minute SpongeBob episode. And I wouldn't be happy.
  • One song per day. I don't have the whole day to be do this. The Need to Be Reviewed section below is for whenever I get the chance. If you can't edit this, please put it on my message wall.
  • I can't believe I have to do this, NO MORE EMINEM SONGS! I will always give a 8 or above for a Eminem song.

Need to be reviewed.

~ Something by someone


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