Well, I have a rant. Been meaning to get this off my chest for a little bit now.

Here we go.

I am going to be blunt right now, Chat Mods are kind of useless now. And here's why, everyone is in the damn Skype chat! The one thing that we love about our wiki is our chat. And the great chat mods that are behind it. Nobody can deny that, and now chat mods are out of a job.

When Chat Mods are granted the power, they are now trusted higher above regular users. You are given 3 emotes, you can new add new categories to pastas. The best part about being a chat mod is the ability to kick/ban people from chat. That's it. That's what you are given. The whole part about a chat mod is the ability to be able to monitor the chat, just in case anyone who came in, broke a rule, and ban him. Now, it's not an option for us anymore. 

The Skype chat has just took over. And while the Skype chat is better, it's still not our chat.

Chat Mods are supposed to watch over the Wiki Chat, but why stay in a chat that's virtually dead?

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