Alright, it's come to my attention at the accumlating amounts of Trollpastas rolling through here lately. I am here to tell EVERYONE, yes, that includes you, that Trollpastas ARE NOT ALLOWED PERIOD!

It even in the rules!

8) TROLL PASTAS ARE NOT ALLOWED - This is a site dedicated to quality stories that have the opportunity to be read by Mutahar. If you deliberately post a trolling creepypasta, such as one with extremely bad English or one filled to the brim with cliches, these crappypastas take away from the experience, and the majority of people on here do not want to be exposed to these. Crappypastas in need of major work will be given warnings by the admins under a special category. Sometimes, users will attempt to fix these issues for you, but do NOT post a crappypasta with the expectation it will be fixed. After awhile, according to moderator/administrator discretion, creepypastas that are not fixed will be given another special category, 48 Hours to Deletion. By receiving this category, it does NOT guarantee that your pasta will be removed! You still have 48 hours, give or take, before it is to be removed. If the creepypasta is reposted after being deleted, the creepypasta will be deleted again, and the user/IP will be banned for a period of up to three (3) days. If a story is a BLATANT troll pasta, as in, one that is obviously designed to troll or to test the tolerance of users, it will be INSTANTLY DELETED, with or without warning from the administrators.

But yet, people persist on making the horrendous pastas and get them deleted instantly and start spamming the admin who deleted it with stuff like "but meh stry was gud bruh why did u delte it". 

I just think that people think it's good but re-read it so they look for errors. In which, they do. However, smarter people would at least would fix half the errors.

It's as if people just get dumber and dumber so much, that I feel sorry for them.

And this goes for Shitpastas too.

Look, point here is, if you are a frequent shit/trollpasta poster, I would stop, or else, face the consequence.

Every Troll/shitpasta ever

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