"There comes a time when walking away is the best for everyone."- Master

Well, the quote says it for itself. I am leaving. And not for bullshit, or other shit, I am leaving. I can't be focused on both school, football, reading and you guys all together. I had to pick one to leave, and I chose this one. 

Alas, from the start of being here, I always wanted to help with everything people asked for, and for the most part, I think I did that pretty well. Then I was promoted to Chat Mod, the thought of me helping more people out (and banning shitheads and spammers from the chat) was amazing to me. I kept working on the job, then a big spammer comes in. Griph, hard to get rid of, but just a fag behind the keyboard, had made the wiki crumble beneath us. We all had started blaming each other for the problem. 

None of our admins were on, then me and Syn, had been promoted to temporary admins to help counter-act the problem. Only did we know, it started more problems with people, so I decided to take away both our admin powers. Everything was back to normal as it seems, but then the problem with Babylon came in, I didn't know what to do from there. I felt like I was the part of the problem, so, that's what lead me here. I decide to step down, let the rest who are here decide what to do now.

If you do want to email me, 

I will only respond by that email.



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