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    Ok so...This is gonna be something..."Fun"

    Suggested by Mas AKA That one guy

    Wait, wait, JUST READING THE BEGGINING!!! How do you mistake a Character for a cow? THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE!!!

    Ok Herobrine, a MINECRAFT "ghost" had an account on forums? I find that a bit fishy. Maybe you were on LSD...

    • Skips over the part about talking to mods and other people on E-Mail*

    Ok I HATE the next part...Mainly because, all of my friends NOW after reading this say that "Herobrine is Notch's brother and that he's dead and that he IS real" and I smack them across the face! NO HE'S NOT!!! HE NEVER WAS!!!

    ^This is probably the shortest rant ever mainly because I don't have a lot to say about the pasta...

    Are people just WANTING me to explode of anger?

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  • Madsciencetist

    Okay guys Somebody requested Sonic.Exe...This should be...Promising!

    Well the name, the damn NAME is spelled wrong I-I just want to point out whoever did this MUST be underaged!

    So you can tell it's all nice and loving when he says "summer" coughcoughclichecoughcough. Next WHY THE HOLY HELL WOULD YOU TAKE A RANDOM CD FROM SOMEONE AND PLAY IT!!!

    Ok, listen to your friend...LISTEN TO THE FUCKING NOTE!!!

    Big Sonic fan huh? I like there chicken most people like there slushies, what does that have to do with a game based off a Spikey Dog?

    Caps anyone? Ok making a CP creepy means, DON'T USE CAPS LIKE THIS SEE?

    Sega what what what? Sega hell? That has ALMOST nothing to do with ANYTHING!!!

    Hm maybe you had a seizure or something I mean...When I play Mine…

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  • Madsciencetist

    Well I had an idea:

    Rant about pastas and view at the science (Admins give me feedback if I'm allowed to do this because tbh I have no fucking idea)

    So today we're doing Jeff the Killer...Oh Boy!

    Well since I want to start this off nice and friendly...How exactly is the killer unknown if you have a fucking picture of him? I mean FUCKING SERIOUSLY IF YOU HAVE A PICTURE IN THE PAPER CAN'T YOU FUCKING CONNECT THE FUCKING DOTS???

    Ok next thing (Yes I am reading this as I go on) Who the holy hell is this boy...Like now I REALLY want to know...You can't bring in a character then think "Well I should never talk about him again!" That's fucking stupid!

    Next, fit his description? FITS HIS DESCRIPTION!!! Wtf this man almost killed a child and you want pe…

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  • Madsciencetist


    May 4, 2014 by Madsciencetist

    Life's a fucking bitch...

    Why can't I get a break?

    I've had all I can take...

    But I won't die!

    This is not a lie...

    So I wanna say Bye...

    And I wanna go out in a bang...So don't scream "DANG!!"

    Because I'll be back...No this isn't a hack...

    This is me...And all I will be.

    So goodbye...Never had a chance to say "Hi" didn't I?

    (A poem/song for all those who don't care)

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  • Madsciencetist

    It is a serious question it may just be me but lately everybody has been against me...Any ideas why I feel like this?

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