Ok so...This is gonna be something..."Fun"

Suggested by Mas AKA That one guy

Wait, wait, JUST READING THE BEGGINING!!! How do you mistake a Character for a cow? THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE!!!

Ok Herobrine, a MINECRAFT "ghost" had an account on forums? I find that a bit fishy. Maybe you were on LSD...

  • Skips over the part about talking to mods and other people on E-Mail*

Ok I HATE the next part...Mainly because, all of my friends NOW after reading this say that "Herobrine is Notch's brother and that he's dead and that he IS real" and I smack them across the face! NO HE'S NOT!!! HE NEVER WAS!!!

^This is probably the shortest rant ever mainly because I don't have a lot to say about the pasta...

Are people just WANTING me to explode of anger?

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