Okay guys Somebody requested Sonic.Exe...This should be...Promising!

Well the name, the damn NAME is spelled wrong I-I just want to point out whoever did this MUST be underaged!

So you can tell it's all nice and loving when he says "summer" coughcoughclichecoughcough. Next WHY THE HOLY HELL WOULD YOU TAKE A RANDOM CD FROM SOMEONE AND PLAY IT!!!

Ok, listen to your friend...LISTEN TO THE FUCKING NOTE!!!

Big Sonic fan huh? I like there chicken most people like there slushies, what does that have to do with a game based off a Spikey Dog?

Caps anyone? Ok making a CP creepy means, DON'T USE CAPS LIKE THIS SEE?

Sega what what what? Sega hell? That has ALMOST nothing to do with ANYTHING!!!

Hm maybe you had a seizure or something I mean...When I play MineCraft Steve doesn't have blood anywhere or anything I mean...Whatever!

Well see...You can play as Egg-Man because see IT'S HACKED YOU HAVE SAYED THIS BEFORE DIDN'T YOU? I can't play as Luigi in Mario 64 but I download a program and BOOM I am wearing Green!

So Tails is sad at the animals huh? Maybe you didn't see it right, maybe he's sad because he's nothing but a doll for little kids trying to push him into spikes.

Wait Static...Eyes open? I thought this was Sonic not Slender!

Do you want to play a game with me? Ok this went from Slender to Pedo REALLY FAST!!!

Ok ok, I read the line with Tails getting "taken" (reference FTW) and all I can say is FUCK THIS CLICHE PEICE OF BULLSHIT I DON'T FUCKING CARE IF YOU'RE A FAN THIS IS A PEICE OF CRAP!!! Someone please request a REAL pasta!

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