• Marthythewulfy123

    Hello, Guys and Girls and many others what you are about to read may become a bit scary.. However with this being said i shall allow you to Read ( you have been warned )

    Hello, I am Marth Wolf and i am going to share a scarey encounter that i had while me and my uncle was going through his old house probably a 1800s house or so... I was helping take old junk that he didn't use and didn't want to be placed in the basement for a garage sale...That we had planned a few days later However he didn't tell me that 4 people were brutally murdered in his house back in 1891 ( mind you being 2013 and this was a few days ago ) Well it was late and we still had alot more to do However my uncle wanted to try to get more done so we decided to stay up late…

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