Hello, Guys and Girls and many others what you are about to read may become a bit scary.. However with this being said i shall allow you to Read ( you have been warned )

Hello, I am Marth Wolf and i am going to share a scarey encounter that i had while me and my uncle was going through his old house probably a 1800s house or so... I was helping take old junk that he didn't use and didn't want to be placed in the basement for a garage sale...That we had planned a few days later However he didn't tell me that 4 people were brutally murdered in his house back in 1891 ( mind you being 2013 and this was a few days ago ) Well it was late and we still had alot more to do However my uncle wanted to try to get more done so we decided to stay up late and keep working Since he had a bunch of old junk and family Heirlooms and so fourth that he was going to take to his new house...Well later that night he went to the store to get snacks and drinks for us since we were going to stay up very late at night so while he went to the store about an hour from his old house and he said he might stop at the liquer store and get a case of beer for him... So i told him i would stay here and try to get alot done before he got back ( this was before i even knew it was haunted as bad as it was ) so I am moving boxes and junk and old clothing to his basement since we going to sell it at the garage sale we were having and well i was taking a box down to the basement and i started hearing footsteps ( being tired i didn't really care thought i was hearing things ) so i over looked the footsteps and i turned the lights on after reaching the bottom of the steps and so there were dust and a bunch of cool looking things back from 1800s but there wasn't a whole lot of stuff of shelves and i didn't know where to put them so i left it on the shelf and i head back upstairs...when i got upstairs i decided putting the cloths on hangers that he was going to sell at the garage sale well a about 20 minutes went by and all of a sudden i herd something fall and break it sounded like glass and so i jumped because i wasn't suspecting anything for it was me alone so being a bit scared i grabbed my Uncles Samurai sword and drew it out and went down stairs well before i get to the floor the lights were on so i thought i forgot to turn them off so i went to floor and looked around nothing was out of place ( and i swore something broke down there i herd it ) So i shrugged it off and let out a sigh of relief and i turned and headed to the stairs and so i went back up stairs to finish what i was doing and about 5 minutes after i get up stairs i herd a whisper i couldn't make it what it was or what it said being soft but it sounded like a little kids voice shivers went down my spine and i had tears forming from being creeped out because i know someone was in here so i grabbed the sword again and decided to go out side and relax and to tell my self i am just tired and i am hearing things while i was outside ( not kidding i still have no idea what it was ) I saw something run pass the front porch it had like a red glow around and it looked like a man but with it being dark i couldn't make out what it was only the red glow it had ( i know it doesn't sound to real but i promise thats what i saw ) So i decided to walk back in and this time i kept the blade out so after walking inside the cloths i had on hangers to be taken down stairs were thrown all over the place so i got frustrated and decided to sit in the kitchen and drink the half of bottle of Dr.Pepper left and relax well 45 minutes went by and i thought my uncle would of been home by now so i picked up the cell phone and decided to call him and so he answers and he asked me if everything was alright and so i said yeah everything is okay saw and herd some things but nothing really and he said i will be there in about a half hour so i told alright becareful i love you ( this is where things got crazy ) it was 12:05 when i hung up the phone and after i set the phone down i herd a laughter sounded like a grown man laughing ( Freaked me the hell out ) So with the shivers going down my spine this time i was scared it was plan as day when i herd his laughter as if he was right next to me laughing the laughter lasted maybe 5 seconds before it quit after it quit i herd things get slammed and thrown around the basement ( Me being terrorfied yet stupid ) So i decided to pick the blade up from the table and hold it close then i picked up the broom ( which i used to sweep the kitchen with ) and when i got to the door of the basement the door slammed shut and it did hit me in the face and knocked me to the ground after that i jumped up in aggravation enough was enough i thought to myself ( i decided to become fearless then regreted it after words ) So i opened the basement door and when i did the the slamming and throwing sounds from the basement stopped so i walked down the stairs ( this time holding a sword and a broom ) i was ready to hurt someone when i got to the basement with it being huge ( could probably fit about 5 maybe 6 cars ) and the lights where on thankfully so i continued to walk around the basement slow but cautioned and then the lights started flickering on and off i dropped the broom and bolted dead up the stairs and slammed the door and i ran to the living and i saw a little girl ( i was scared shitless ) So my body wouldn't move i wanted to run but i couldn't it felt like my body was paralyzed this little girl had pretty blue eyes but her white gown or dress she was wearing was covered in blood and she looked at me straight in the eyes ( i mean her eyes where like stairing at my soul ) But she didn't say anything or do anything for about 3 minutes went by and she vanished ( in fear i fell onto the floor sat there and asked myself what in the hell did i see i mean really ten minutes went by it was a good quiet ten minutes ( i enjoyed it got to relax and recover myself from the wild things i encountered ) My uncle pulled in thank gosh so i started to pick up the scattered cloths that i had on hangers up and my uncle walked through the door and said some little girl about 10 maybe 11 years old asked if i was okay her name was Maria ( me being 19 years old and not knowing who this girl was ) So i looked at my uncle like he was crazy and i asked him " was she wearing a white dress/gown " my uncle said yeah she was in a pretty white dress ( thats when i knew i was in big trouble ) And i told him that the girl was a ghost and it wasn't a pretty white dress it was a bloody dress my uncle laughed at me and asked me if i was okay ( i felt retarded ) So i told him yeah i am tired perhaps i was seeing things ( no i wasn't i know that i just didn't want to sound even more stupid then i already have ) So my uncle told me just go sit down and get something to eat and drink he brought home mcdonalds and some pop and box snacks for us since we were going to stay over night working so we sat down ate relaxed talked bull shitted around so he went upstairs and started moving chairs and tables and stuff around and i finally orginized the cloths that were scattered around the living room and took them down stairs however it was 1:30am ( eastern time zone ) So i got down stairs and this time i left the sword upstairs ( i wish i didn't after what all i have seen but this got even worse ) so after I put the cloths up on this bar thing i was maybe bout 50 yards from the steps lights on then i saw this a girl flashed up she had no eyes and it seemed her Eves apple was cut out because there was a hole in her neck where the adams/eve apple should of been and i know this wasn't a imangination though she lasted about 5 seconds then vanished ( i got extreamly scared that time ) So i bolted up the steps i fell a few times but that didn't stop me from running i ran upstairs and this time my uncle knew i saw something i was pale as a bed sheet my uncle was like " what in the world happened to you you look like you saw a ghost " I replied " yes the hell i did and this time you can have the basement shift " ( my uncle basically knew it was haunted but he didn't care he had to get stuff done ) So my uncle replied " certainly your not afraid " he laughed " fine you may have the up stairs shift and i'll take the basement " So i smiled and said " thank you" ( now you'll start seeing things ) i thought that he would but nothing ever happened to him about an hour went by it was 2:30am i was up stairs working had no encounters no freaky things out of the un ordinary then that little girl showed up again this time she asked " are you really afraid of us? " it came from behind so i turned around and i jumped seeing her again this time i wasn't to afraid so i replied " yes actually i am petrafied " after i told her this she laughed like a physcopath and vanished this time my uncle walked up stairs and he herd the laughter to he looked at me and asked " did you laugh like that? " so i didn't know what to say i know if i said this little girl made that laugh he would think i was retarded so i replied " yes i made that laugh because i remembered something funny " he replied " well you should really keep it down you scared me with that laugh " so i smiled and said alright so my uncle went downstairs to finish putting boxes down there and i started to bring down old chairs and tables he wanted to be put down to the basement so i just placed them in the living room and went back upstairs when i did i saw that same figured with the red glow up there this time i seen his face he had blood dripping from what it look liked a wound to head by a baseball bat ( i didn't know if it was or not ) he also had blood dripping from his eyes we stared at each other for about 2-3 minutes before he made this loud growl which scared me to death and i had no hesitations and my body just bolted down the stairs ( like it only took me 2 seconds get down i ran that hard ) my uncle came running up the stairs from the basement for he herd the growl also he looked at me and asked me " did you hear that growl " and so i said " yes i did i saw a figure with a red glow around him and he had like a ball bat wound in his head or something " my uncle said " i should of menchioned this before but i didn't because i didn't know if you would come and help me but this place is haunted which is why i want to get everything done in one night " and my eyes became widen i had goose bumps and a real bad shiver down my spine but my uncle said " they can't bother you all they can do is appear and make a bunch of noise " well with that being said that they can't bother me helped me some what relax then me and my uncle both saw another figure ( this may have been the fourth victum ) it was a lady maybe in her early 60s she looked fine until me and my uncle got a closer look at her for she approached us she her face looked like it has been ripped off of one side and her body looked like she was shot by a 12 gage shotgun at point blank like half of it was missing me and my uncle both stared at her and she disappeared thats when me and my uncle both decided to call it quits for the night and headed home ( it was 4:30 this time ) when we driving out of the hollar where the house was we seen this no joke a little girl with no face but blood pooring from her eyes as if they were cut out of her so we continued driving and we went through her and we both looked in the rear view mirrior and she turned around and like unleashed this loud ass growl i mean it sounded like a hell hound ( never herd one but if you herd it you would be thinking of it one as well ) so we made it back home at about 7:30 am since we live about 3 hours away when we got home we felt relieved and we could relax and get some rest ( that night/morning was the scariest thing i have ever encountered )

thank you for taking your time to read my creepypasta story i hope you will read it on youtube :) i would love to hear what you thought of it ^^ i hope it wasn't to long :D

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