All right everybody, I am gonna depart. This wiki is starting to do well. This reign of mine was infact an experiment, to see if a lowly user can bring a dead wiki to life. To see if I can change this wiki and alas, give this wiki some reconigiton, and sure it enough, I did suceed. The wiki is starting to gain some ground now, and for that I am glad but all good things must come to an end and this is me. 

I have made a few freinds in this experiment, and for that I am grateful too. I was called a plagarist, which given no time to credit. This was in fact, experimental to also see if a person can ban me after all I did. And sure enough, it worked. I might sound a total prick by saying all of this, but actually I am doing this for the greater good for this wiki. And, I would do the same again when the need is there. My departure will come to affect next monday. September 5th.

I will check in once overy two months and see if this wiki is dead again. 



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