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aka David or Yourmama27

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  • I live in Towelettes
  • I was born on December 11
  • My occupation is Huehuehue
  • I am Male
  • Moist Towelette

    Hey all. It's been quite a while since I've set foot in this wikia, aside from the rare chat visits. How ya been?

    Before you read this blog, read over Flakys blog here:,_it%27s_been_a_while

    I am back to start admining(?) again. After talking with Flaky, there is a good chance this wikia could have life brought back to life. I know I haven't been here for a while, and if you want to know why, you can read my past blog post about it,  but I am ready to make a full come back (greatly assuming we get the wikia running again, if not, then who knows.).

    While Flaky handles getting new users, I would like to start cleaning up the wikia. As of current, there are a very large amoun…

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  • Moist Towelette

    I'd like to get to know many of the new users whom I have never talked to before. If you want to, leave a comment about yourself or something like that. Anything goes really. Since I am kinda in a hurry, I'll leave a short little 'thing' about myself.

    - Love video games (PC merster race)

    - Love bacon

    - I play saxophone, piano, and clarinet

    - I youtube a shit ton

    - Jazz, classic rock, dubstep, and power metal are my favorite genres of music

    - Favorite VG? uhm. Just about any pokemon game or mario game.

    - I'm 17.

    You can also PM me in chat or leave a message on my wall if you would rather do that. hue

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  • Moist Towelette

    Sigh. I knew this time would come. It is the time I say goodbye to the Wikia and everyone on it, for now atleast. Now for the pulp of this blog.

    Ever since I came to this Wikia, it was something I always looked forward to being on, and I am dead serious. When I would be at school, Wikia would be on my mind, in a weird way. I mean, reading/writing pastas, chilling in the Wikia Chat while doing stupid shit, and doing all around SOG-goodness. It was the shit. I was enjoying it so much, until the Wikia got attacked. I know some of  you can recall when the hacker fucked up AiM and other accounts. Did this directly affect me? No. But it put the Wikia in what Nights calls "The Dark Ages". No one was on, barely any pastas were being made, and the W…

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  • Moist Towelette

    Short pasta, very good. I have a fetish for short pastas, and if someone mode one, it could help me get into pastas again.

    I'd love to read some


    no srs it'd be awesome. ples

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  • Moist Towelette

    Imma be busy till a day or two after Christmas. So, yeah.

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