As Sir stated in his blog post a few days ago, this wiki is going down the shitter. And he is correct in saying Mutahar doesn't even think about this wiki, but many others including myself won't let it go down. Seeing that we are very short on admins, I think the chat mods are going to need a bit more, erm... power(?) until more admins or bureaucrats are made. Obviously, bad/trollpastas and griefing are the main problems we have. I suggest chat mods should be able to do the following to help the wiki:

- Add the Pending Review or 48HtD categories if needed

- Add a currently non-existant category called Griefed or something like that to a ruined pasta IF they cannot contact an admin first. This isn't a huge problem but just incase.

May not be much but I feel we can utilize the people we have. I know Kefke, Sir, and Flaky are doing work, but more help can be had from chat mods. Just some food for thought, not saying this NEEDS to be done, but I think it would help. Any other ideas/thoughts about this?

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