I've been thinking for a while about creepypastas and the wiki in general. As of right now, I can barely find a creepypasta that somewhat triggers any emotion. Is it because I'm numb to them? Or possibly none of them are good to me? I have no idea. I would like to find a creepypasta that I could enjoy, but I can't. I read a lot of CP's that are posted, but don't leave comments because I just generally don't like them. They  aren't bad in any way shape or form, just not... eh... moving, I guess you could say. Even sad pastas are just nothing to me. MCP can sometimes find one that hits the spot, but other than that, nothing. Haunted Gaming just... hasn't been doing it either. They just seem too predictable, but can sometimes be pulled off, in my mind. I mean, I just don't find them entertaining as much as I did, and I wish I still enjoyed them.

As for the wiki, it has occured to me that it just isn't the same as it was back in March-May. Cosmic, Nights, Phone, and others haven't been on. The chat just, to me, not as hilarious and awesome as it was. Now does that mean I don't like any of the users? Hell no, I love users that are active, but it just is not the same to me. When I joined the wiki, the chat was fun. I met Nights, Lilly, Jr, and Robotnik. They made the chat pretty damn awesome. Flaky, Kh, Phone, and other admins and such were also fun to have in the chat. Then it just, stopped. Maybe it was the hacker, or maybe just some freak "thing", but it stopped. We would still talk and lul around in chat, but it  wasn't as random and funny as it was. Maybe I'm looking too deep into this. Who knows? Also, not being admin (thus actually being to help the wiki), and not reviewing pastas due to my damn extreme standards, I feel like I just don't need to even be on the wiki anymore. I want to help the wiki, but can't. I'm not whining, just feeling useless is all. I only come on the wiki to talk to friends, that's it. To me, the wiki isn't the same place as it was. I could be exaggerating a bit, but that's how I feel. I've been wanting to take a decently long break from the wiki, but I find myself not being able to. It might be that I've become somewhat "attached" to the wiki. I've been here for months, maybe that's why.

TL;DR Creepypastas to me are now bland, wiki isn't the same, chat isn't as fun, I'm useless, wiki attachment, hue.


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