Hello everyone! Mr. 1up-Mushroom here with an important announcement to make. 

I am offically working on a new pasta that I plan to upload either today or somewhere along this very week. I won't give away too many details but I will say this. It will be a gaming related pasta starring a lone blogger, featuring rom hacks and odd circumstances. 

Look for this new pasta called "Bizarre Games" (written by me!) coming soon to a wiki near you!

I'm sorry for not being especially active this year, though to be honest not being active seems to be my M.O XD. I will say that the main reason I'm not as active is because I'm writing a full length novel that plans to be over 50,000 words! Hopefully I'll be able to make something good and I'll make a career out of my writing. 

This has been a new update from Mr. 1up-Mushroom! Back to you Johnny!

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