Alright so I've been steadily increasing my output and so far I've written 6 stories on this website. As I continue onward I'd like to know what you guys consider my strengths and weaknesses in writing?

So far I've made this conclusion.


-Great Vocabulary -Great and vivid descriptions -Great technical writing (the way it's written) -Great at Short Stories -Usually Great at dropping clues and hints to a twist (if perhaps a bit too well) -Relatable characters (most of the time anyway)


-The actual content can a leave a bit to desired (ex. While I give good hints to a twist, the twist itself is pretty dumb or at least predictable). -Grammatical errors every now and then. -Most pastas are severely lacking in the creepy department (ending up being more unnerving and warped than outright creepy or scary.) -Longer pastas tend to drag a bit in some areas.

Is this a fair analysis of my work? Is there anything that should be added to either strength or weakness? Should I focus on what I do good or should I work more on my weaknesses?

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