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  • I live in A sword sheathe.
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Being a sword. What of it?
  • I am The sword gender.
  • Nightsbladeoftruth

    So yes

    Just saying that even though you guys TOTALLY miss me to the point of dying right now, you'll all have to deal with it because  i'll be away from my home from a few days, which means i can't log on here. Not sure when i'll be back, but it'll be less than five days, promise. :3

    Nothing serious, just visiting my sister who lives quite a while away from my home. I'll see you guys when i'm back! :D

    (I know it's hard waiting for me but hang in there)

    ((I'm so totally modest))


    ((((I'm going, now.))))

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  • Nightsbladeoftruth

    Just look at that sexy MS Paint avatar with absolutely no effort put into it!

    Damn my Ms Paint skills are amazing.

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