• I live in Green Hill Zone
  • I was born on March 27
  • My occupation is Occupation? I just punch stuff with my fist-nipples
  • I am a parody of Knuckles
  • NipplesTheEnchilada

    Dead & Buried

    February 4, 2014 by NipplesTheEnchilada

    Hello. I'm Nip-No. This post to inform you (or whoever cares) I'm making my first creepypasta! Here's a little snip-it I'd like to share.

    "The Noose!" I thought, "Why do I worry about toilets and breaking out when I'm about to be hung?"

    What did you think? Did it make you laugh? This is just a peice of comic relief. The Pasta is going to be mostly serious. That's all, folks! TaTa~

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