Hey everyone I thaught I should post about something that has happened to me recently its the fact that one of my friends who I'm not going to put his name due to security reasons but he basicaly got me into the my little pony series so esenchaly he made me into a brony so I'm probably going to change my user page but I'll still put out these posts and or creepypastas but this is just an info update my family already know and they thaught it was quiet obvious because they have acssess to my netflix account,
Shrugpony derpy hooves by moongazeponies-d3cvjx6
but nothing will change other than some blog post and creepypasta topics. Back to more important topics umm other than that bit of news theres not much else other than the fact I was chosen to do a report on Isreal thats due in about a month or so, anyway see you guys later.


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