After the praise of my first creepypasta, Lavender Test, many have asked me to make a sequel to it. I honestly didn't plan for the creepypasta to have a sequel, as I usually dislike sequels to horror films, as they usually are lame, or bank off the original's success (except for Final Destination, that's my guilty pleasure). However, I will make a sequel after all the praise I have been given for the original; it will be hard, but I like a challenge :) So throw me some ideas for how I can follow up to this creepypasta in the comments, because I want to make this a solid follow-up. Also, check out my new creepypasta, Ala Wants to Play with You. I have been thinking about writing this story for a couple of months now, and I have finally dedicated a day to finally do it, and I want to see what everyone thinks of it (what you liked, how I can improve it, etc.) as I was sorta experimenting with something new. Thank you!

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