Rage the Hedgehog

aka Nicolas Cage

  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is Wrestler/Streamer
  • I am a skrub m8
  • Rage the Hedgehog

    Alright, so I read a creepypasta called "1999" and it's awesome and creepy, so I went on Youtube and searched "Caledon local 21"...

    What I found disturbed me.

    I found a channel of Caledon local 21 and I know what you are thinking, "It's just a spam account, don't worry".

    1st of all, im not worrying, it's creepy, but not enough to worry me.

    2nd of all, it can't be a spam account because pretty much everything he says is true and it true to nature, just believe me though.

    So, if you are familiar with the pasta, you know there is a character named "Mr. Bear" and the channel said(copied and pasted) "If you would like to come and join us in my cellar, send me an email at!"

    I sent Caledonlocal21 an email, acting like a 5 year …

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