This creepypasta is about a Ducktales NES rom that got extremely corrupted. This happened because my computer lost power while downloading the rom. Most creepypastas are fake, but this one is true.

The Glitch

When I started the rom, I could immediately tell something had gone wro
ng. The colors were wrong, the game started by itself, and there was no audio. Trying to select a stage would cause strange things to happen. Sometimes the game would freeze, other times sprites would get messed up, etc. So, I decided to record the rom to showcase the strange events.

Most of the things that happened were simple freezes, but every now and then a discolored merduck would appear. After messing with it for a while, I got a big suprise. The screen flashed with sprites for a few seconds, then went gray and was filled with random letters. But, what suprised me the most was that the title song played. This made me jump so hard.

After staying on the screen for a little bit, I noticed the song's pitch was lowering, and lowering. I pressed start to see if anything would change. That was a mistake. Well, not much to say. Just watch the video.

Written by Ralzor123
Ducktales Glitch02:00

Ducktales Glitch

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