This is just a little teaser for the first story in a series I've named, "Diary," that is going to be split up into four parts. The first story is called, "Diary: Ethan," and this is a poem giving you a little peak. I will be doing this whenever I am about to release a new part, each one based on the charcters personality and past.

Ethan's Poem

Days upon days I wait,

Guiding my carousel of hate.

So full of sorrow,

Next thing I knew by morrow,

I was here.

Now I shed a single tear,

For the person that grew me anew,

So unlike you.

I fall unto the ground,

Thinking of her sound.

I do not wait to be reunited,

For her I have sighted.

She has a secret that is locked in my heart,

Unlike what you did from the very start,

I will keep it safe.

She will always be a maze,

But one day she will find the way out,

Even if she has to scream and pout.

Because I will always be her knight,

And her guiding light.

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