So, I tried addressing this in chat, yet with the flooded comments from people that disagree with me (everyone), I must use this place to write down my thoughts on the matter of two users gaining administrative rights. 

Upon looking back at my chat after the few hours I was away, I came to a realization that two of our members (Synful Blood and Link is a Master) had been granted administrative rights. The reasoning behind this being Griphonite and his maniacal schemes we've all come to hate so dearly. Now, Messorem made it clear to me in chat that Griphonite was trying to control us through fear, something I believe we all knew much too well. Yet, Mutahar gives two user administrative rights out of fear for what may occur. I'm not here to say that these two members don't deserve administrative rights, nor am I to say that it will cause problems, but in fact, do nothing to help our cause and is simply a waste of time.

When someone now tells me that Griphonite wants us to fear him, I agree, but there is no shame in fear when fear is to be withheld in utmost importance. I'm not telling any of you to scream and run in circles or abandon the wiki, however, someone in chat was claiming it was done to piss this spammer off, make him angrier for no reason than he already is. Writing this now I actually ponder whether or not my statement of this not causing any trouble is true or not considering the circumstances. The point is, this attack could be small, or it could be huge, and depending on our actions and restrictions put upon this spammer, will be the deciding factor.

I'm not sided with the spammer, nor do I agree with him on any terms, but these are simply my thoughts that no-one was willing to listen to in chat. This is not an agreement, nor is it a disagreement. This is not a threat, but instead a warning from a concerned denizen. If you have anything to say other than "OMG YOU'RE WRONG IDIOT" or "Deal with it" (Link), then please do so. I want this to be a civilized place for now where we can discuss this matter on the terms of opinionated language instead of pointless bickering.

Good day.

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