So, I got a little pissed earlier today, and me being myself, I went straight to burning off all that anger in my writing. So yeah.

The Story Thingy

I will walk down this path, forever full of anger, ready for deception, forgetful of life and death. I am no ordinary man, but instead a bitter cold monster with no fear for the end, nor for the beginning. I will slice the sky in two, and chop the flesh that blocks my cadaver from being left alone in the dark forever and after. I will not try to find the stars, hold them dear, hold myself close, they won’t be accepted, for my anger is more alive than any mystical flame that has burned before the one that burns in my eyes.

I live alone, I love alone, I think alone, I kill alone, and I die alone. I kill, and I kill, and I kill, but for no reason except for the fact that I haven’t one. Yet they kill, and kill, and kill, just for pleasure, so which is worse? I don’t know, but unlike them I no longer feel any god forbidden pleasure, because my anger has won over, and I can no longer control the fire that will from now on always burn brighter than heaven’s light.

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