A while ago I came up with a new series of pastas, but I never really got around to working on them. The series is going to be called Assassin, and will most likely have three parts to it, as those are as many parts as I have planned at the moment. Like my series, Diary, I will be making small poems whcih well tease at what the next part of the story will be about. The first entry in the series is going to be called, "A Refreshing Demise".

A Refreshing Demise (Teaser Poem)

Guns, bullets, swords, and knives.

I've used them all.

I've taken so many lives.

Yet, I don't see her standing tall.

All this anguish, it's making me want to yell.

All this blood, setting the scene.

As I stand, I ring the bell.

Empty truths make my soul seem sheen.

The devil only has one tail,

and yet he lets it run loose.

Did God know I would fail?

Is the devil caught in a noose?

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