Alright, this is just gonna be an update post, just so for whoever cares can know what's going on and why I haven't really been actively posting pastas as I used to. There well be four sections in this post, each with a heading. There well be one for pastas that are in creation, one for just the average stuff happenin' in my life, one for reviews, and an important message one.


Alright, well as most of you know, I've got A LOT of GIANT pastas planned. There's the Assassin series which still has yet to launch, the Diary series which still has yet to launch, and the In Deep series which still has yet to be finished. There's also all the pastas that I have yet to re-create along with some other stand alone pastas. So, it's going to be a bit until I make an actually enjoyable pasta again. I do howver, have some type of sense for when these pastas well be coming out, and which ones well come first and last. Some of these pastas you may not have even heard of, but they're in the making either way.

Sanity's Leave - First

Zombie Apocolypse Reign Of Death - Second

Diary series - Third

Re-creation - Fourth

Assassin series - Fifth 

In Deep series - Sixth

This is only an estimation, and the pastas might not come out in the order that I just put down, not that any people reading care -.-

IRL Info

Not much, how 'bouts you?


I realize that I haven't been reading and reviewing nearly as many pastas as I used to, so I'm going to try and read more. Especially now that Back From The Dead is a full category now, I feel slighlty more obliged to read more.



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