Alright, so now that I'm back from my hiatus and I'll not be writing creepypastas (or very, very sparcely at the very least), I've decided that I've got to put in at least double the work while reviewing pastas. Therefore, I will now be reviewing pastas in a very LARGE format. This means that reviews will be separate from the comments section of the stories themselves, and instead in blog posts. I will go in-depth into every miniscule idea and piece of writing within each story, as well as pointing out every typo I can find. I will use a multitude of comparisons to other stories if necessary and add more suggestions rather than just stating the things that made the story less enjoyable. Applying my own pieces of literature may seem like it would make me much more bias, but I believe giving examples as to "how I would have written this part" or "this is how I think the plot should have worked" would make me much more honest in each review, so I'll be doing that too.

Now, this does mean that I won't be reviewing pastas quickly. Therefore, I'm here to ask everyone that feels the need to post their (preferably best) pasta in the comments for me to read so I can decide a few to review. 

Reviews are expected to be at least one scroll worth of a blog post, and by that I mean from the top of this page down to where the "v" is below.




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