So, I'll submit a simple paragraph to get this thing started, then I want all of you to submit a paragraph to continue the story from where whomever left us off! Alright, let's do this.

The Story

Ashes fell in harmony and reconciliation of each other. Eyes searing and isolated by blind physical faculties due to the immense heat I felt whenever I neared the thing, I took once more a cautious step closer. It is hard to explain, even now as I rattle my brain for words of logical description, yet I find myself stuck, lost in a perplex and inescapable paradox of never ending empty thoughts. I will try my best to explain to you what happened that day, and what form this beast I speak of took. (Refreshing Demise)

She was immense beyond comprehension, yet was perceivable in fleeting, futile glimpses best described as "Ideas." A hot frenzy of passion and imminent regret, leaving such predictable chaos and ruin in its wake, I knew that into what I was entering, knew the consequences, yet turned to them a blind eye. Another step nearer the glorious atrophy, my blood boiled and throbbed in my veins, and yet I felt a strange composure... I continued to ignore the aches in my neck, shoulders, loins, fingers, and calves, there was time to reflect on that later. My muscles begged for action, and I was ready to oblige. (Urkelbot666)

The heat of twenty odd years of stockpiled summer regret burned across my skin as she stared at me; I could not tell if what she had formed could even be called an eye, for how instable her graven image was. She whispered at me, and I did not hear the words, but the tremors under the floorboards that served as the messenger of her cacophony. Make yourself worthy, was what I think she said - but all was indistinguishable, save for the raw bubbling as my skin began to bubble and simmer around me, as if it might slough off from the comforting inferno. (Stormlilly)

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