A while ago in chat I told everybody in there my age. I'll cut staright to the point here... I lied. I am 13 not 16, and my birthday is in, May not Novemeber. When I first joined this wiki I thought I would be citicised because of my age. Everyday when I go to school and have english, we obviously write, and I am criticised by people for liking to write stories at my age. The reason I didn't tell anyone on here, however is because I thought people would sugar coat things for me, or say that I can't write or review things properly just because of my age. So in latins terms, I didn't think people would take me seriously... I can now see that's not the case. So I must simply say that I'm sorry. I really hope this doesn't change things much because I like to write things, and sometimes this feels like the only place I can do it. Don't sugar coat things, and don't try to tell me not to write. I also don't want this to make people rate my stories too harshly. You can not like me because I lied, but don't hate what I write if you don't have too.

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