I have another new pasta planned named "Sanity's Leave," which I am extremely excited about and well be working very hard on. I've got the whole thing made up in my head, but I'm still not sure if I should make it a series or just one pasta. Right now, I'm thinking about just making it one pasta, and ending it there. 

Anyways, I've made a little teaser, as I've done for my recent announcments for pastas/series. I've also thrown in some links to the songs I'll most likely be listening to while writing the story, just so you can get the mood of some of the scenes from the story. However, if you listen to these, ignore the title and picture, for they have nothing to do with the story.

Also, I have to give one more huge thanks to I Love Scary Stories, who was kind enough to draw a scene that I described from the story. This picture well be implemented into the story when it's finished.

Now without further ado, enjoy a teaser.


An old soul, a father, a veteran, a lumberjack, and a child. These are the people that came, but these aren't the people who left. We entered the forest, ignoring legends, as everyone's sanity took its leave. This place was not meant for mankind, nor was it made for life. This place was not made by any god or devil. This place, was created by what started it all.

An old soul, a father, a veteran, and a lumberjack.

Those in whom we trust might just be our greatest enemies, but those in whom we don't, are left unknown, making us shiver in fear.

Some Music For Seperate Scenes

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