Yup, that's about it. Time to pack up and head on out. I no longer fancy this idea of writing as much as I chersihed it the first coule years I wrote on here spaztically. Some of you probably saw this coming, and that may be because I straight up told you a while back, or because of the fact that I've stated multiple times that I can feel my passion diminishing, and the chat growing stale. Anyways, that's about it. I'm done with writing, I'm done with the melodrama. Sad to say, yet so cold and cruely not, this bitter-sweet goodbye.

Now, I suppose, being the egotistical dick I am and always have been when it comes to this wiki, I'll leave you with my favorite line I've ever written. 

In my face, I see time waging war, and in my eyes I see nothing more. An enigma is the mind of which I carry, one in which I do not understand myself. If memories exist for reasons of paroxysm, then why do I? For nothing is emblazoned in memory to I, but instead forgotten with youth and sanctuary.

- Marcus, on a final note here, saying farewell

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