Welcome to the, "Back From The Dead," Winners of this week. Remember, these are pasta that I read this week that I believe need more attention than they have. Enjoy!

5.) Buttons - SinisterSilver

Although maybe not the most original monster story, it was certainly entertaining and described well. The story revolves around a man who moves into a new town, and a scarecrow that he built for a farmer for some money. The fact that the story revolves around the scarecrow ruins a bit of the, "plot twist," doesn't dismiss the fact that I found the actual story rather creepy. With only one comment by me, I think this deserves at least a little more attention.

4.) Days of My Life - Fryz

Not exactly a creepypasta, but instead a very entertaining story with an outstanding plot twist at the end. You might see the ending coming and you might not, it's hard to say after reading it over a second time. I, however did not see it at all and it ended up being a very enjoyable little tale.

3.) Sombrero Wearing Dinosaur - Ineedmymedication

Even though the title may turn you off a bit, the story is actually very interesting. Don't get me wrong, the story is as weird as a plumb on a stack blueberries, but with excellent word choice and an interesting and some what creepy idea this pasta ends up being great.

2.) The Russian Lady of Luck - Ineedmymedication

Right off the start, you know that this is a going to be creepy. The general story idea isn't that unique, but it's executed quite well! It's once again thought provoking and interesting in multiple ways.

1.) Trichotillomania - Dustyfootwarrior

Excellent word choice, a great idea, and very entertaining, Trichotillomania ends up being a fantastic story that outshines all the others on this list.

Thanks for coming by! If you have a suggestion for a creepypasta that you think deserves more attention, then please leave it in the comments below! THEEYA!

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