Okay, first of all I'm sorry for not posting one of these for a couple of weeks. With that said, here's the top five pastas I read on the wiki that I think deserve more attention!

5.) The Watchers - I Love Scary Stories

Although in my opinion, not the best written pasta in the world, it was still an enjoyable pasta with it's rather creepy moments. Also, it's a mindf*ck about Christmas!

4:) Greed - I Love Scary Stories

Although it has multiple issues, Greed is still a story with a great surprise at the end!

3.) December Massacre - KingofCreep

Shorter, less in-depth than The Watchers, but written better in my opinion. This is also a Christmas mindf*ck with the same idea!

2:) Dark Emotions - Sshakenbakee

A very well written pasta, that keeps the thought of suicide interesting. (Did I really just say that?) I'm well aware that it has fifteen comments, but only about six or seven of them actually matter.

1.) Extranatural - ShavedStalin

An interesting mindf*ck that well hook you from beginning to end and cover a lot of different areas of writing. Unfortunately there are some very odd spikes in quality that are quite obvious and might through you off a bit. This is yet another mindf*ck on this list and it only has one comment from me. Go show it some love.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have a pasta that you think needs more attention, send it my way in the comments below! THEEYA!

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