How long has it been? Like a month or three? I'm not really sure, but for the moment, I have returned! Aside from other writing project that are infinitely more important than creepypasta, I am finally thinking about writing another one. I'm not quite sure what it will be about yet, but I do have a few ideas.

In the meantime, enjoy a quick spookyspaghetti I wrote with absolutely no planning or post editing (or multiple paragraphs) :D

Paper Death Mario

When I was a kid, I played paper Mario all the time. It was my favorite N64 game. I remember how much fun I had looking for those star bits I never used or delivering all of those letter to people in the game. That was years ago though and I had sold my n64 and its games long ago. I wanted to ply Paper Mario again though so I saved up some money and went to a flea market. I saw a old man vendor selling a N64 with lost of games so I asked the price of it and if he had the game I was looking for. He said "you can have the console and all its games for free..." I was amazed by his kindness. I felt bad about taking it for free so I gave the man five dollars. I got home and imidieatly plugged the n64 in and put in pamper Mario. It turned on like it should but I noticed there was already a save file. It was named "HTAED". I was to excited to read into the name and decided to play on it to see how far they got. It seemed like they barely played at all because the intro sequence started. It was normal until the part where you had to fight bowser but lose because he's too tough. When Mario lost, bowser through him out the window and he landed in the forest. When Mario landed though, he was crumpled up a little and seemed to be bleeding from stom rips in his paper self. The Stars didn't contact him. I feel like something was off. Goombaria ran up to marios crumpled self and stared in shock. Suddenly Mario stood up slowly and said "YOUR SOUL IT MINE" and Goombaria stopped moving and turned pale. He looked up and said "YOURE NEXT" and I turned off the N64 and put it and the game back in its box. I never played Paper Mario again.

(fun fact: the first time I played Paper Mario on my Nintendo 64, I named the file "BENDROWN", but that's irrelevant)

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