Okay bare with me here..... so digging around online i found out all these subliminal messages in disney movies...alot of them sexual. For instance in The Little Mermaid the priest who weds Arial, if you watch care full you see a lump in his midsection now if your mature if enough he obviously has a bonor. In Who Framed Roger Rabbit you can see up a lady dress. In the Lion King Simba lays down and a puff of sand comes up spelling sex in plain sight.

Now the pasta idea is that this ruins a kids life....he grows up to become a sex addict from watching Disney but the thing is I want to make it sound like Disney is the devil. For instance in the story .i might say Devils studios  (Im not goin to use that) and Im not going to make it sound like he becomes a sex addict all that will be revelad at the end...any feedback positive or negative is welcome


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