Hey guys Rev here, and i've been thinking awhile. I was thinking of leaving this wiki. I keep failing on pastas and i keep wasting my time on them only to fail. When I was writing Welcome To the Family I  canceld a date with a smoking chick to finish it. It took 4 days of basicly non stop writing an it only failed. So im hoping to strike up some luck and try to make one more pasta and if it fails i think i might be done. I might occasionly hop on to see how you guys are doing. I ussualy come on here every day and for an hour i dont get on chat. I sit there looking at a blank screen trying to write its a waste of my time. Once before i wrote Main Attraction, i sat on my ass for well lets put it this way i listend to an Avenged Sevenfold album and then a Five Finger Death Punch CD. And only ended up with one line of text on my screen. NO joking i had this on my screen. "Boy am i Hungry" i was starting at the Green and black screen for so long i told my damn computer i was hungry. I was wondering if you guys wanted me to stay. Im gonna make one final pasta and if it fails well thats that i think i will be done its hard.


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