• Samrainbow


    February 21, 2017 by Samrainbow

    (This is for fun and will have more mistakes than my other "Creepypastas" I've made)


    I was on my favorite Wiki, SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki but this user named Incorrect3 was always telling me to do better on my pastas but I was I thought to myself. But maybe I should try harder this time, I started to write a new story that really happened but make it different but just a little bit but my computer had erased my story and a little tab showed up and said "Incorrect3 doesn't approve of this pasta" I was confused when this popped up.

    The computer shut down the google chrome and opened a program called "Incorrect3.exe" and it had the options "Crush" or "9." Once I clicked on Crush and all I could hear was crushing of bones in the background and …

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