(This is for fun and will have more mistakes than my other "Creepypastas" I've made)


I was on my favorite Wiki, SomeOrdinaryGamers Wiki but this user named Incorrect3 was always telling me to do better on my pastas but I was I thought to myself. But maybe I should try harder this time, I started to write a new story that really happened but make it different but just a little bit but my computer had erased my story and a little tab showed up and said "Incorrect3 doesn't approve of this pasta" I was confused when this popped up.

The computer shut down the google chrome and opened a program called "Incorrect3.exe" and it had the options "Crush" or "9." Once I clicked on Crush and all I could hear was crushing of bones in the background and my screen was black. After five seconds there was a picture of a dog shaved and being abused by three men in green shirts and brown shorts.

After it looked like the end my computer turned to static. a voice had said "Delete your life like I'll delete your computer!" I didn't know how to feel about this so I unplugged the computer but it was still static. "Hahaha! you can't leave me! I've now deleted all your programs on this computer now time to delete you!" it said "Why did you do that? that was useless really, your not scaring me at this point" I say crossing my arms " I thought you cared for your computer" It said with an unsure voice.


"Well yeah I do but I can just buy a new one I'm rich" I said pointing

at the screen. "Well then I'll just go then" It said as I could hear foot steps, I just wait until it left and I plugged it back in and the windows sound was playing I just started to rewrite my creepypasta.

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