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  • Selto854

    Hey there everyone, your resident Selto here!

    I'm writing this to try out something with the community. I want to see if this will get any traction so we can do it more often. As evidenced by the title of this blog post, I'm calling it a Community Discussion! because... well, it's a discussion with the community!

    Each week/month, depending on how popular this is, I'll put up a blog post or something about a topic that the community can discuss and stuff. Friendly, of course, not flaming or anything. Well, without further ado, I guess I'll unveil the topic for the pilot!

    What do you think is the most influential series of games or game in the industry?

    I guess since I'm the blog poster I'll lay out my decision...

    Looking back, I think that my de…

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  • Selto854

    Clearing things up

    August 5, 2015 by Selto854

    Okay, in case anyone wants to know, the chat ban log and all the kicks and bans I've had have all been jokes, so I've never really been banned from the chat or anything. Just throwing that out there.

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  • Selto854

    New Project!

    August 2, 2015 by Selto854

    Hey everyone, I'm writing this to inform you all that I started a new project! Check it out:

    I'll be updating it every weekday, and I'll be commenting on this blog post as a reminder for you guys to check it out. It's very important you do, since it's mostly community-based. Thanks for helping me out, and I'm sorry for being an attention whore!

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  • Selto854

    “O Lord Satan, some idiotic mortal just bought a sketchy-looking game from some store or another. It’s Mephistopheles’ game, but he’s not responding, so should I go?”

     Satan was sitting on his throne, fires blazing all around him, consuming the bodies of the countless young virgins bestowed upon him by their choice of religion. He had his arm on his face, obviously bored of the routine he was in. His other arm was occupied by a stave which had three prongs on it, in case any of his subjects or servants would dare to defy him.

     It had been a while since he had shaved his body. His chest and groin and face was covered in curly black goats’ hair, making him appear shaggy and more like some new sinner and less like the ruler of Hell. He made a m…

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  • Selto854


    April 16, 2015 by Selto854

    NARRATOR VO: Are you tired of hurting youself?

    CUT TO: Shot of old man falling.

    CUT TO: Shot of old woman tripping over a broom.

    NARRATOR: Well, now you can fix all this and more, using our simple cure-all!

    CUT TO: Numerous faces of men, women, children.


    NARRATOR: Saltines! Yes, you heard me right, Saltines!

    CUT TO: Young boy scratching his head.

    YOUNG BOY: Saltines?

    NARRATOR: Yes, Saltines! Recommended by school nurses everywhere as a cure-all, they can help with these symptoms!

    NARRATOR: Runny nose?

    CUT TO: Shot of man putting Saltines under his nose.

    NARRATOR: Use Saltines!

    CUT TO: Shot of same man giving thumbs-up.

    NARRATOR: Got a broken leg?

    CUT TO: Shot of woman falling awkwardly, and then placing Saltines on her joints.

    NARRATOR: Just …

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